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Re: Wow! New Lights!

>Thanks for turning me on to Aquarium Hobbyist Supply, at
>http://ahsupply.com.  I'm a fan now.  I wish I had been converted before I
>bought a JBJ unit for my 100 gal. last year.

I'll echo David's thoughts on the AH Supply kit. I received mine this 
week. Woo Hoo! I haven't assembled mine, but it looks great and AH 
really shows alot of pride in the care they take packing light bulbs 
and the kits.

Ditto on the comment about JBJ.

By the way, if anyone is handy and knows how to replace a ballast, 
I'll be selling (or trading) that 36" JBJ 2x96 watt light soon. Needs 
a ballast and includes two new light bulbs (5000k). It'll be priced 
right :)


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