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Re: Strange Algae/ Plant Problem

Thanks for the reply John,

Unfortunately it is not beard algae either- I have had a couple of different
types in the past- not any longer though. The fibres are finer than human
hair and are fairly rigid and it is fairly easy to remove from a plant-
aside from the fact that small to tiny pieces break off and stay with the
plant and grow back again- hence the heavy pruning I referred too. SAE's and
Ottos don't eat it (the love to eat green beard algae that sometimes
collects on the tops of my sword plants near the water surface).

The algae/plant I am having the problem with has a very similar growth
pattern to java moss- i.e. branching and sticking to other objects
(including plants). I have collected some of this stuff and scanned it on my
flat bed scanner- so if anyone is interested in identifying the plant I can
e-mail you a jpeg. Please contact me privately my e-mail is
cswilliamson at telus_net.
Or alternatively- if someone is willing to post the picture- I can e-mail it
to them so everyone can view it.


Cory Williamson