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Re: Algae problem

Hey gang,

Cory Williamson wrote:
>>It starts off as single strands attached to other
plant matterial or gravel and grows into dense matts
the resemble old mans beard<< 

Aptly put, Cory, it sounds like beard algae to me. I
get this guy when the tank is overgrown and in need of
additional CO2. Up your CO2 and trim out as much of
the algae you can. Try dropping your pH to 6.6, *OR*
if you don't already, maintain your current pH and run
your CO2 through the night. Keep an eye on your
nutrient levels as you increase CO2, or new problems
will arise. 

IME, tanks with yeast CO2 generators get this one
worst, then overgrown tanks.

You won't be able to get this algae off the leaves
once it's attached, as I'm sure you've found out;)
Once it's on the run it'll become a grayish color and
come off the leaves much easier. It takes just a few
weeks for it to go away once things are right, so be
patient. This an easy one to fix.

Best of Luck,
John Wheeler

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