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Re: Planted Aquaria Club in Afghanistan?

Charley Bay asked:
"I'm looking to form a planted aquaria club
here in Afghanistan.  I'm convieniently located
in the capital, Kabul."

WOW! That certainly catches attention. From what I've seen on TV news
reports about conditions in that country, I wouldn't have even imagined that
there would be any aquarium hobbyists there at all. I mean, when you're
running from a war-lord or dodging bullets and bombs, it must detract
attention from a regular water change schedule ;-)

Charley, are you there with the U.S.Army? Is aquarium keeping practiced as a
hobby by many (any???) Afghanistan nationals? Are there pet shops in Kabul?
Its always fascinating to hear how the hobby exists in other parts of the
world......tell us more.....

Stay safe.....

James Purchase