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Wow! New lights! Thanks AHS. Thanks list.

       I've had a puny 13 watts over my 34 gal. hex in the dining room for 
years.   Can you imagine what a difference 72 watts makes? Its brilliant!    
Now that you can see everything, this tank will need more attention.
       I have anubias and Java Fern in there, and will add more species now 
that there's good light.  I'm limited because the tank is full of African 
cichlids I've had a long time.  Its almost like I never saw them before 
       Thanks for turning me on to Aquarium Hobbyist Supply, at 
http://ahsupply.com.  I'm a fan now.  I wish I had been converted before I 
bought a JBJ unit for my 100 gal. last year.

David Brown

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