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re: New tank

Phil wrote:

> That's simply gorgeous!!!!!  I've been working on a design for a large tank 
> with a background just like you've made for a few years now.  I just need to 
> get the tank...:(  What brand of epoxy did you use, where did you get it, 
> and how much was it?

The step by step "how to" article should be posted in the next day or two.   For 
epoxy, I TRIED to get some WEST system epoxy, but didn't end up being able to 
find it locally.  If I had hunted around some more I might have, but I found a
acceptable alternative at Home Depot.  Its called "Everfix Epoxy Resin, Multi-
purpose resin for fiberglassing, molding, laminating and repairing."
It comes in two 16 oz cans.    It worked perfectly.

> I've done some work with epoxy resins to seal aircraft hanger floors.  Is 
> this a similar prospect?  

Yup, not real complex, just mix the resin and hardnener in equal parts, and work 
fast.  The mixed epoxy starts to set within 30 minutes.

> I don't want to get my foam in a really nice shape 
> then find that the resin will melt holes in it.  

Nah, epoxy won't melt the foam.  I used spray-paint to provide the base color 
for my background, and it would eat the foam pretty quickly.   So I applied one 
coat of epoxy first, then spraypainted, then more coats of epoxy.