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AquaBotanic Aquascaping Excellence Contest

Needed: Aquatic Garders and Aquascapers.  No experience needed.
For: AquaBotanic Aquascaping Contest
Cost: None
Starting: October 1, 2002
Ending: March 1, 2003

Do you have an aquarium you'd like to show off?  Do you have an aquascape 
that wasn't quite ready for AGA?  Do you have an old empty setup hiding out 
in your garage, as unlikely as that may be?  Enter the AB Aquascaping 
Excellence Contest!

The fine folks at the AB Plant Talk discussion boards have put together an 
aquascaping showcase for everyone.  The whole purpose is to promote 
aquascaping as a hobby and to (especially) encourage beginners.  There are 
two ways of entering, the Limited Aquascape category where everyone has to 
choose from the same list of easy to grow plants, and the Unlimited 
Aquascape where anything goes!

It doesn't matter how large your tank is or how many plants rare/difficult 
plants you're able to cram into it.  If you've had the idea of creating an 
aquascape with only one species, go for it!  If you've got 180 gallons worth 
of cuttings to use, go for it!  All matters is your imagination and 

Show the world what you can do.  Inspire someone else today, enter the AB 
Aquascaping Excellence Contest.  Check out the guidelines at aquabotanic.com

email digital entries to: aquabotanic at aquaticscape_com

Send photos, slides, or discs to:

Phil Edwards
C/O: AB Aquascping Contest
7701 Cedar Creek Ln. Apt. 307
Charlotte, NC 28210

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