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Re: Planted Aquaria Club in Colorado???

JoAnn wrote:

> As far as I know, a club specific to this hobby doesn't yet exist in 
> Colorado (and/or nearby states such as Kansas, New Mexico, etc.) It 
> sure would be nice if there were one. Is there any interest in 
> starting a club? I've never been a member of a club like that, but I 
> think it would be great to start one or explore the possibility.

The response I've gotten from CAS (Colorado Aquarium Society) was pretty cold. 
Not much interest in planted tanks from what I was told.

I've talked to Emmett about starting a less formal Planted Aquaria club for 
Colorado, but it's never gotten past the talking phase.

I remeber hearing about a club that sounded perfect.   Meetings held at
member's houses, meeting time spent checking out tanks, trading plants,
talking about techniques, etc.

Mark me down as one of those interested, and I'm even willing to try to
get involved in a leadership or administrative role.