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Two tanks, run by one canister filter

I currently have only two small planted tanks, a 20G and a 10G in
separate rooms.  We are painting our entire house room-by-room and I am
having to move the tanks occasionally.  Later on we'll be setting up one
huge tank but for now I'm thinking of setting these two up side-by-side
in a room that has already been painted, so that I don't have to move
them for a while.  There's no reason for the fish from both to be
separate - - they all have similar living requirements.  It's only due
to bioload that they are in two tanks.
Each tank currently has an Aquaclear filter but due to ease of
maintenance, I would prefer to use a single Eheim canister to filter
both tanks.  If I bought a filter of the correct capacity for 30G (is
there such a small Eheim?).
Can anyone think of significant disadvantages to using this approach?  I
realize that water from each tank would get circulated through the
filter into the other tank but if it were one big tank (which it will be
eventually), the fish would all be sharing the water too.