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how low can you go?

Folks, I've reached a new low in my quest for aquatic plants.

Thursday nights at the Aquarium Center (in Randallstown,
MD) are always exciting. That's when the plant shipments
come in. Big bright beautiful shiny plants fresh from the
box, it just doesn't get any better than that! You get the pick
of the best of the best. It's heaven (for folks like us, anyway).

While Gloria (the plant manager) was showing off some
new arrivals to me, something caught my eye. A bright
gleam of green in the trash bin.

Seems that Gloria had been throwing out the plants that
did not meet her impeccable standards. Admittedly, they
were pretty banged up. But hey, I could save them! So
I started rummaging through the trash bins, filling my bag
with some truly sorry-looking plants, even leaves that I
knew would sprout roots. Gloria just stood there giggling
uncontrollably. Apparently, she's never had a customer go
through the trash for plants before. Imagine that.

So, can anyone beat that low low?   ;-)


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD