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AGA Contest Over, it's Trading Time!

Hi all.  Now that a busy summer is over and the closing date for the AGA 
contest has past, I am going to be doing a major redesign of my main tank.

I am interested in acquiring the following plants:

Cyperus helferi
Cryptocoryne spec. "Mi Oya"
Crypt. parva
Barclaya longifolia - red

I especially want "Mi Oya" and Barclaya.

For trade I have the following to offer:

Rotala spec. "Nanjenshan"
Rotala spec. "Green"
Gratiola spec.
Micranthamoides umbrosum
Ludwigia arcuata
Narrow-leaf Java Fern
E. tenellus - "mikro"
Lobelia cardinalis
Blyxa echinosperma / novoguineensis (Not positive on ID)
Potamogeton gayi

Plus many of the more common plants

Please email me off list _ONLY_ if you have the plant(s) I am looking for -- 
I am not interested in selling/giving plants at this time.



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