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Re: Eheim Replacement Parts -- Or Buying by Wire

Ghazanfar Ghori wants to find one of the less common Eheim
replacement parts on line.

The less common parts are usually hard to find from the
discount houses' regular inventory -- not enough volume to
warrant the carrying costs for the inventory. 

Although ThatFishPlace apparently didn't work for this part
on-line, did you try calling.  They will usually special
order any Eheim part.  You can get part numbers from the
Eheim site.  Used to be, you could type i the Eheim part
number in the search field and ThatPetPlace would come up
with the item, even if it wasn't normally on their list of
items offered for sale!   I don't think the updated
software does that anymore.  Why are *New*grades so often
called "upgrades?"  No what I mean?

You can also order Eheim parts from 


Who is an official distributor.
 But that's a phone call to.  Still, you won't have to
leave your house to buy the part :-)

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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