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surface algae

I have a problem at the moment with water surface algae (it is a thin green mist on the water surface like a green oil slick very very thin and light green and transparent)
the air pump brakes it up over night when the lights go off but it slowly comes back during the day after 7hrs of light.
how do I get rid of it ??
tank specs
280 watts of lightof strip fluro lighting at 7 x 48" nec d/hg triphoshor 6700K on
 for 11 hours per day.

 filters are 1 x eheim 2217 + 1x 2213eheim  + wet dry with sump 70l at 1800l/h , injected co2 into homemade reactor.

temp 29C
 PO4  0.0
 Ca  40ppm
 Ammonia 0.0ppm
 nitrite 0.0ppm
 nitrate 5ppm/10ppm
 PH 6.8
 Kh 70ppm
 gh 140ppm
 iron 0.0
 dose with PMDD
tank contains 10 small discus ,10 ottos,5 clowns ,6 whiptails ,6 bristle nose cats ,6 Cory cats + 5 kulli loaches
plants are growing great I have to trim once a week.
we do 25% water changes twice a week with   60l of Ro + 40l of tap water

where am I going wrong??

thanking you for any help as you blokes are a great life line and the only one I have.

thanking you
                  Dean (outback OZ) 

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