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Re: NO3 limitation

>I just think it's much more complex than simply an issue of light, strong vs
>weak etc.
You have convinced me. I now remember a setup I made with ordinary 
lightbulbs where my H.polysperma rosanervig became really intense red. 
It was before I discovered KNO3 btw.

>Now if you do the test here, use a red Rotala or a Ludwigia sp, keep the
>light the same, CO2, good nutrients all around and move the NO3 from 15ppm
>and let it drop down to 2ppm and keep it low in the 5 or less range without
>bottoming out for more than a day etc, you'll certainly see intense reds.
I will try to test this.

>I have had more healthy growth at lower color temps and nicer
>color at high color temps.
Sounds like my, extremely limited, experience. Higher Kelvin-temperatures also
makes color more vibrant because of how we, as humans, see colors:
(which, of course, has *nothing* to do with the *actual*
color of the plants)

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