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floresent tubes for my tank

>  I need to buy some new florescent tubes.  I am
>looking for T8 that are between 5000K and 7000K.  I am
>tired of having those fancy bulbs for the hobby burn
>out after 3 to 6 months or so.  It is very
>discouraging to have $40.00 tubes burn out, while the
>old cheapie tubes from GE or Sylvania or whatever burn
>on and my plants continue to thrive.  However, I can't
>get any model numbers off the bulbs in my hood.  I
>notice that 2 have a blue bias and the other 2 have a
>pink bias.  The plants thrive and I need to find new
>tubes to have at the ready.  So any help with model
>numbers would be appreciated.

GE Chroma 75. They're retailed these days as "Sunshine"
(not "Daylight") bulbs. They're 5000K, cheap and easy to
get. There's also a Chroma 75 which is 7500K.

C50 emulates noon day tropical sunlight. C75 emilates
noon day northern daylight. The C75's aren't puches into
regular consumer oulets ("Wal Mart") so you'll probably
need to track them down through a specialty lighting
distributor that carries GE stuff and they're likely
to be more expensive than the mass market C50's.


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