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Everybody needs to practice safe emailing

Everybody ought to have some protection against receiving
and spreading viruses and all of the email detritus that
goes with them.  If you don't want, or can't, afford to
buy, for examples, McAfee or Norton, then this site offers
free antivirus software and has a pretty good reputation. 


The free version even comes with free updates.

There is also a purchasable version and "trial version" of
the purchasable product.

But the free one is supposed to be pretty good and there
isn't a single APDer that can't afford the purchase price
of the free version.  If getting something for free makes
you feel guilty, then make a donation to the defensfund and
you'll feel better. 

I do not have any remunerative connection with this outfit
(Grisoft) or any other business.

Scott H.

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