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Care for some (not-so-impressive) planties?

Hi, All!

I have a few planties that I was going to throw away, but decided I'd put 
aside in a container in case anybody wanted them. I must caution, however, 
that some of them come from two tanks that experienced a species meltdown 
back in June. All of my Lobelia cardinalis were killed off by some unknown 
cause in one tank, and I cross-contaminated into a second tank and lost all 
of the lobelias in it. I've been too distraught to add any more lobelias to 
either of these tanks, so it's unknown if they're free of the pathogen. 
However, it ONLY affected L. cardinalis so if you don't have this species 
in the first place, you're probably "safe." It may be wise to disinfect my 
plants, in any case.

The plants I have are:
Bacopa monnieri: (I can trim a bunch of it from an unaffected tank, if you 
request this); healthy but very unruly from neglect and roots growing from 
several nodes.

Hemianthus sp.: "Amano variety" pearlgrass.

Sagittaria microfolia (I think): leaves are very narrow but can get approx. 
6" or longer. I have only a few of these.

Cryptocoryne wendtii (I think - originally bought from PetsMart around 
April 2001): this would all be from a disease-free tank, but most are 
scawny from being crammed together and "starved." I've had individual 
specimens quadruple in size and change to a brilliant burgundy color after 
moving them to a "higher fuss" tank with Flourite, CO2, and the works. With 
a little love and patience, they can grow into a very impressive plant.

Keep in mind that my tanks range from only 2.5 to 5.5 gallons, so my 
"excess" is really only what one would call "starter culture." If you have 
*any* misgivings about possible transmission of this L. cardinalis disease, 
please do not take the risk. These exposed plants probably *should* be 
disposed of, and if nobody is interested, they'll be expedited to the 
Monday trash collection.

We may be moving next month (just one city over), so I'd like to get the 
plants down to a manageable size/number to make moving a little bit easier. 
Please feel free to e-mail me with any requests and/or questions. The 
plants are free. I only ask for either shipping reimbursement OR a donation 
made to the Defense Fund.

Happy planting! :-)