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Re: Red plants and medicatioin

I was overly-worried about using antibiotics on my cories because
of my plants.  Finally I bit the bullet and treated with gram +
and - antibiotics.  My tank never looked better, red plans were
redder, and they were all growing like crazy.  All I can guess is
that the antibiotics nuked my biofilter, so the plants had more
NH4 available to them.  I had a ammonia monitor on the tank, and
it never peeped above 0, so it must have got sucked up pretty fast.


On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 09:03:50AM -0700, Diana Berberich wrote:
>    I have wondered what effects certain medications
> have on plants.  Two weeks ago I  bought some Discus
> and they developed white spots and one had cloudy
> eyes, so I treated the tank with Kanacin.  After one
> week all fish were fine and happy.  Then I noticed
> that my plants were not as vibrant with red as they
> normally tend to be.  When the plants resumed what I
> take to be normal growth and pearling the new leaves
> returned with the vibrant red quality that makes them
> so lovely.  My Red Flame, Rotala macranda,tenellus,
> Rubin were affected and so was the Zenkeri lotus. 
> Those are my only obversations so far with regard to
> medications and the effects on plants.  The red is
> affected by this particular medication.
> Thanks, Diana