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Red plants and medicatioin

Hello Folks:
   I have wondered what effects certain medications
have on plants.  Two weeks ago I  bought some Discus
and they developed white spots and one had cloudy
eyes, so I treated the tank with Kanacin.  After one
week all fish were fine and happy.  Then I noticed
that my plants were not as vibrant with red as they
normally tend to be.  When the plants resumed what I
take to be normal growth and pearling the new leaves
returned with the vibrant red quality that makes them
so lovely.  My Red Flame, Rotala macranda,tenellus,
Rubin were affected and so was the Zenkeri lotus. 
Those are my only obversations so far with regard to
medications and the effects on plants.  The red is
affected by this particular medication.
Thanks, Diana

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