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Re: Re: concrete background tank finished

Hi Erika,

	I'm in the process of putting together walkthroughs, etc. I'm
actually making quite a few backgrounds to see what the best methods,
ingredients, etc are. 

The biggest problem as we suspected is PH and hardness. Right now the PH is
higher than 8.4 (the max of my test kit). I've ordered a PH probe that reads
0-14 so that should help me figure out where the PH is going. The PH rise is
not gradual either, it goes from 6.8 to >8.4 in an hour or less. Anything
you read about soak it in this or that wont work (believe me I've tried).
Good news though. I've been speaking with a chemist and he believes he knows
how to fix the PH and hardness problem. He's sending me some stuff to try.  


>> Sam
>>Nifty!  Could you post instruction steps on your website, as well? 
>> - Erika