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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #343

Daniel Larsson asked the following in response to the
comment that blue light is a higher energy level than red:

> Does this mean that hobbyist experience more
> growth with high
> kelvin bulbs only because high kelvin bulbs manage to
> emit "stronger" light
> that has higher energy?

The answer, in general, is "no."  You might have
relatively high energy photons such as blue ones but it's
not just the energy level of the photons that matter, it's
also how many of them have.  You could have 10k color temp
bulb that gives off about 10 watts of light -- that
wouldn't necessarily impart more energy to plants than a
100 watts of red photons.  You can measure the energy in
different kinds of units, and the magnitudes here are made
up out of whole cloth, but it's just the general point I'm
trying to make.  A few ultra-violet photons, are high
energy individuals, but in a small group they won't have
much impact.

Of course, everything else being equal, a hundred blue
photons comprise more total energy than a hundred red ones.

Scott H.

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