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Re: UV-B, Anthocyanins and high kelvin bulbs - or Am I blue?

Daniel said:

> Oops. Sorry. Blue light (longer wave length) has *less*
> energy than red light (shorter wave length). The damping
> effect from the water is greater on shorter wave lengths.
> (That's why the water gets more blue at greater depths)

Higher energy means shorter wavelength.  Longer wavelength
= lower frequency = lower energy level (for photons).  So
it's just the opposite, blue light is higher energy than
red, or more correctly, photons at bluer frequencies have a
higher energy level than photons at redder frequencies.

In microns, 
Violet  is about    .390-.455 
blue                .455-.492
Green               .492-.577 
Yellow              .577-.597 
Orange              .597-.622
and Red a whopping  .622-.780 microns long

The top of this list is the higher energy (sorry for the
pun), and those sluggard red photons at the bottom of the
list barely wiggle at all, relatively speaking ;-)

I got the blues and can't be satisfied,
Scott H.

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