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Red plants and all

First tanks for all these answers somehow scattered due to the digest mode of this list...
For sure I have very little experience compared to most of you !

Second I will not speak of Kelvin or Lux for these values seems not adequate for plant growing.

Third in any situation my Red Tiger Lotus is red !!!

More details :

I cannot argue about intensity/hue effect mentioned by Paul Krombholz.
We would need a intensity curve vs. wavelength for each of our lamp (dealing with ageing)...

As Tom Barr says for my tank too it seems that lamps with peaks in red and blue 
make nice red/yellow leaves.
This is not the ones like my Red Tiger Lotus or E. barthii or E. ozelot (green) that become
brown then greyish green when older.  P. gayi seems an intermediate case to me.  D. diandra
and Rotalla x seem typical of this.

About algae it seems that red algae grows more at deep levels and green ones near the surface
not taking the light into account.

Why are plants green ?  Are they green to protect themselves from green light ?
How do they produce photosynthesis while not being green (no chlorophyll) ?
Are they better as young (and reddish) then give up turning green ?
I know far too little to have the slightest idea !