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Re: Look, my beautiful girlfriend

>>I never sent this. Mail Virus apparently. I'm trying to get rid of the damn
>>thing.  Any tips?  It's odd to get one in a Mac.

Probably a variation of KLEZ.  It's at plague levels now.  2 days ago I 
received an angry email from some ISP in Mongolia, of all places, complaining 
that I was spamming the Klez virus all over Mongolia.  Only problem is, my 
computer was off at the time, I don't know anybody in Mongolia, don't have 
any Mongolians in my address book, and would never deliberately send out 
anything like that.  Apparently virus spammers can now harvest your email 
address (perhaps off this list?), and send out junk under your email name, 
even if your computer wasn't online at the time.  That would mean you could 
be running a Mac, a PC, or a Commodore 64 and it wouldn't make any 
difference.  It's a real nuisance.  This is the second time this has happened 
to me in the past month.  (And next time send us a picture of your girlfriend 
so we can all look, too.)  :-)

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