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green spot algae and elbow grease to fill a fry-daddy

I checked the archives after the green-spot algae
appeared on my anubias and on the front of my tank,
and I found something like (and this isn't a direct
quote because I don't have it anymore)-- "on acrylic
tanks it takes a soft cloth and some elbow grease."
The other day I tried for the first time to get it
off-- didn't go anywhere with my elbow grease! I was
in a hurry so I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but
I'm getting tired of seeing spots-- anybody know of
any good way to get it off that won't wreck my fish
and plants? I'd appreciate any ideas. I also read that
P and Fe have a lot to do with why it's there, so I'm
limiting that, but if somebody knows better I'm all

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