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Re: low-cost fine-mesh nets

I use a pretty easy method to harvest vinegar eels. I keep the main culture 
in a mason jar. When I want to harvest some, I put it in a bottle with a 
long skinny neck - the kind that flavored oils & vinegars come in, for 
example. I fill the bottle with the liquid to about 1/4" above where the 
neck starts. (Actually I keep it mostly filled all the time). I then take a 
small piece of filter floss which Ive attached to a piece of string, wet it, 
and stuff it down the neck so it is in contact with the vinegar but not 
submerged. Then fill the neck with water. The vinegar eels swim through the 
filter floss into the water, which can be added directly to the tank with no 
pH change. I use a 5ml medicine dropper to suck the water & eels out. Then 
rinse the floss, pour a little of the vinegar back into the main culture to 
leave some air space, and do it again the next day.

It sounds more complicated than it is. A kit for doing it is described in 
http://cbs.bettas.org/eels.htm, but you can easily make it up yourself.

-Rachel, proud mama of 14 baby peacock gobies

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