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RE: All in the family

James, I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed the recent information
you posted for all of us.  Are you involved with botany as a profession?  I
am an avid reader and have been building an aquatic library over the past
couple of years - mostly regarding fish and not that much regarding plants -
except for magazine articles & all of Karen's stuff that I can find.  I
tried to find the 3 books you referenced (regarding salt) at our local
library, but they were not available.  Could you recommend a good basic
beginners book on botany?  And, what aquatic plant books do you use as your
best references?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
I have set up a quarantine tank for my new discus babies that are supposed
to be here Tuesday.  After all I have been through to rid the display tank
of ich, I will never put another fish in that tank w/out quarantining first.
I really appreciate everyone's advice pro and con. My experience of late has
made me a believer.  I am also getting a shipment of SAE's next week.  Would
you put them in the Q tank with the discus, or set up another Q?  I'm not
trying to stir up another big debate over quarantine - I have saved for a
long time to be able to buy these discus and just want to give them the best
start I can.

Do snails (M. Trumpets) need to be quarantined, or just washed well? Is
anyone aware of books/articles regarding these type of snails?

Kevin Reavis
in NC where we have finally begun to have some rain!

PS:  Harriet in Chicago - msg I tried to send this weekend bounced back as
undeliverable.  Please send me another email so I can try a reply.