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Re: red plants

Hey gang,

"Philippe Lemaire" wrote:

>>However the question is then :
Does light without green slow down photosynthesis ?
It is meant with the same Fe, NO3, PO4 level anywhere
in the tank. Regards, Philippe<<

I'm not sure I understand the question. If the
question is, "does artificial lighting that doesn't
contain much or any of the green wavelengths slow down
photosynthesis?", then I'll give it a shot.

The answer to that isn't clear to me. I'm sure it is
to someone else, but I can tell you that Amano uses
*very* green bulbs. He doesn't seem to have a problem
with photosynthesis. Dennerle also says that plants
are quite capable of using the green and yellow
wavelengths...much more capable than algae and cite
that as a algae inhibitor. Take that for what it's
worth, but visit their web-site and check it out under
the lighting link.

There maybe something to your question about the green
spectrums in lighting and photosynthesis, but I don't
know the answer for sure. What I do know is that my
5000K bulbs (and proper nutrition:) produce all the O2
I need. As for their spectrum breakdown,....I dunno.
Maybe the folks that add a 6000-7000K bulb to their
5000k bulbs are adding a new set of wavelengths that
furthur aid in photosynthesis. Again, this is

I firmly believe that the bulbs most similar to the
wavelengths of the sun will yield best results. It
just makes sense. YMMV.

John Wheeler 

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