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Re: Najas

> Hey Tom,
> What *Najas* species are we likely to encounter in aquaria? Around here,
> the only kind I have, and that we normally see, we call *guadalupensis*,
> but IDK if that is correct. It's leggier than the photo, usually, and a
> weed that very rapidly takes over any well-lit tank.
> How do you pronounce the genus name? Is the "j" a normal Latin/English
> sound or the "h" sound of Spanish?

Well some might call it "Nawwhass":-)
I prefer the Spanish version, think about that species name there:-)
If you use one method, stick to it:-)
A good rule is to simply make it sound good, even if it's wrong by someone
else's standards.

I've found it all over, there's some at Putnam Park in Petaluma, Sonoma Co.
It's quite red and blackish in color.
Tom Barr

> Wright