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Re: Hand Feeding Bettas

Many fish will eat off your hands, maybe most if they're used to it. I
used to play with my fish like that, quite often. I'd get my finger tips
wet and pinch food in between them and the fish would eat off them, it's
kind of tickley in a tank full of livebearers. And I'm sure we all know
the fish learn where the food comes from. Most of mine can even
differentiate between other people and me. My husband or one of the kids
can walk through the fish room and hardly any of them even notice, but I
go through there and all eyes are on me, and when I pick up that yellow
can the foods in, they all go nuts. They also have mixed feelings about
the net. They all run to the top when I approach with one, thinking I'm
going to drop in some nice mosquito larva or daphnia, but if I put the
net in the water to catch someone they all run under the plants. And
most of the fish I work with, I think are pretty low on the fish
intelligence factor. Many cichlids and some other fish with similar
habits seem to be much more intelligent (not that I think any of the
fish I've kept are that smart, but as far as fish go they seem to have a
bit more going on than people generally give them credit for. I think
the smartest fish I've ever had are marine clowns.