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Re:Ichetuckenee & Najas

> Subject: Ichetuckenee & Najas
>> I did find some interesting measurements of this spring. The air layer
>> directly above (1 cm) the water was measured and found to be 500 ppm of
> CO2
>> versus 353 ppm ambient(at the time of the study). This indicates that the
>> water is giving off a large amount of CO2.
> This is pretty cool for me as a newcomer to this hobby. Where does
> this CO2 come from?

The water is diffusing excess CO2 into the air above. This means the water
is CO2 rich, likely quite high in CO2.

> Is Najas related to Lagarosiphon madagascariensis and/or Egeria densa?
> They seem to have the same leaf-vein-structure..

No, they are in separate families.
Floral morphology, distribution locality, some leaf structures, among other
traits are used to determine relatedness in plants. It's rather difficult to
say the leaf looks the same and they are related. Many more traits are

Hydrocharitaceae(Blyxa, Egeria, Hydrillia, Lagarosiphon Limnobium(frogbit),
Otellia, Vals) 
Najas in the only genus in the family. A rather odd plant.

Tom Barr