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Re: could/would a betta eat out of your hand?

Erin wrote:

> I realize discussions on here are generally of a much
> more scientific and comlplex nature, but I wanted to
> ask because I'm writing a story in which something
> like this happens, and I was wondering how likely it
> would be that a very friendly betta would eat off a
> person's finger. I never tried to get any of my fish
> to do that, so I dunno. Thanks in advance. Wish me

My Pink Gourami eat out of my fingers.   And it's not just that
he's starving and is trying to get at the food faster.   Even
when the water is filled with floating bits of fresh food, he
will attempt to take it from my fingers.   Once there is no more
in my fingers, then he swims around and eats the other food.