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An idea: Ichetuckenee next year's AGA meeting 2003?

> I so enjoyed the story about Thomas floating down this river that I found a
> link with pictures of it. Here it is.
> http://www.dep.state.fl.us/parks/district2/ichetuckneesprings/index.asp Don
> M.

Well some folks ran some ideas by me for next year's meeting or a non AGA
group/or society etc that wants to do this.

It is possible to have a meeting one day but instead of some classy hotel
etc, it could be at a park with bring your own BBQ, semi formal talks etc,
and then a nice ride down a river to see the stuff live in nature etc.

At least 6 springs are within 30-45 minutes of here.

Just a thought. Voice your opinions to the AGA and join up. Hotel cost out
there would be cheap, the park etc is cheap and the meals etc are cheap.
A catfish/shrimp swamp feast at the end of the day?
Jacksonville is about an hour away.