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Re: Flourescent Ballast Life

I didn't realize that this topic would spark so much conversation.

> > Look for surge
> > protected outlet bars in the computer department of
> > stores.  Naturally, you
> > don't want to operate anything electronic near high
> > humidity;
>I tried this, but every time I moved my aqaurium, the light
>came with it ;-)

LOL, I've noticed that myself.

As far as the circuit protector issue, all of my JBJ's have been 
connected since day one to the best Belkin surge protectors I could 
buy at the time ($40). After spending so much initially on the 
lighting, it didn't make sense not to protect them.

Engineers can and do make mistakes. Companies sometimes opt to go 
with substandard components. I think the bottom line here is really 
what is reasonable under normal operating conditions for a 13 month 
old fixture that was designed to be used over a glass-topped 
aquarium. These units comes with fans and are in air conditioned 
rooms. I'm not bathing with them or using them over a sauna ;) 
Although, I'm beginning to think I should go to the local coffin 
wholesaler and buy myself a a nice padded pine box and convert this 
fixture (or what's left of it) into a nice tanning bed.

Thanks for all the info. I'm beginning to grasp a little more of the 
technical issues involved with lighting.


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