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FW: New Canister seeding

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From: Steven Maier [mailto:stevemaier at ameritech_net]
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 7:39 AM
Subject: RE: New Canister seeding

If your tank is heavily planted than you might be able to get away with not
cycling the Ehiem filter at all. The way to tell would be to consider your
NO3 uptake. If you are adding NO3 then you are probably ok. If not I would
consider attempting to seed one of the media chambers in your ehiem with
some gravel from the tank or ( Probably only have a pleated cartridge from
the magnum )something from the Magnum. If you are really worried about it
get an NO4 test kit. Take the Magnum off line for a couple of days. Connect
it end to end so you don't kill the colony. Watch for an Ammonia spike. If
you don't see one in five days your in the clear.

I've recently set up a new canister filter to replace
the old, leaky Magnum 350 on my tank.  I'm running
both the old 350 and the new Eheim right now to try
and seed the new canister with some good bacteria.
Whats the group's opinion on how long that will take?