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Unidentified plants

It was too nice a day to go to work - so I went fishing. 
Caught three large mouth bass and a bunch of blue gills, but thats 
besides the point. I saw 4-5 different species of aquatic plants, 
some I easily identified as p. crispus, elodea and something that looked 
like Myriophyllum - not sure about that one. 

Besides those, I saw and collected three species I could not identify. 
Maybe one of you will have more luck.... 

Very brittle but pretty! 

Almost looks like a variant of H. zosterfolia. Leaves are thicker 
than zosterfolia tho. Someone mentioned that it may be Zosterella dubia.

Hairgrass x stem plant hybrid! 

I collected quite a bit of all these. I may try some of them out in my 
tanks and see how they do.
Ghazanfar Ghori