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A few items up for sale

Hello All,
        Hope I'm not breaking some sort of policy!  I have a "complete"
CO2 system up for sale if anyone is interested; figured I'd give people
on the list the opportunity before I listed it all on ebay.  Items
included are a Pinpoint pH Controller (3 mos. old) with probe, RedSea
magnetic solenoid valve (also 3 mos. old), 5 lb. CO2 canister with single
stage regulator valve (purchased in the Fall of 2000).  I'm willing to do
it all as one sale or by breaking into components.  All of it's in very
good condition, just extra stuff hanging around that tempts me to set up
another plant system, and I have plenty on my plate already :).  Anyone
interested let me know privately.  Thanks!

snowcat24 at juno_com