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Re:MT Condensed,Helvetica

Someone said:

> It looks like Aquabotanic also has one, because there
> a post
> to APD from robertph3 at attbi_com that showed the same
> of
> headers.

It might look like that to some but it's spoofing. 
Aquabotanic is unlikely to send out virus ridden email,
it's a protected system.

The current rash of viruses, or strains thereof, not only
infect an unprotected computer, but also grab email
addresses from that computer.  They then send out email
using those addresses as the "From" label. 
Sometimes other things are added and you see a
"From" that is part recognizable name and part
gibberish.  Sometimes it's all gibberish.  Sometimes is
just sounds like someone you know.

The apparent intent of the original author is to make you
think the message is coming from someone you know -- so
that you'll open the message even if you know not to open
messages from senders you don't know.  Since APD only
passes plain text, you're not going to see a virus popping
through attached to a message.  But you're also  unlikely
to see the sender's name on the "From" line.  The
sender is the poor guy or gal that is computing without
protection, and the author is the s.o.b. that constructed
the virus and began releasing it.

Scott H.

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