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Re: And then we screwed it up!

Edward Venn said:

> And then we screwed it up!
> The news networks focused on the "American disaster" .....

It has been noted that 9/11 was the largest terrorist attack that
British citizens have had to deal with in their history, among others.
It was truly a horrible attack on the entire world, and brought into
question the ability of any citizens of this world to live without fear.

I teach band in high school on the West Coast of Canada and I remember
clearly at nearly the exact moment the buildings were coming down, my
senior band was doing a first reading through a piece of music entitled
"An American Elegy" which was written in sorrow of the Columbine
Massacre. We were going to prepare this for the Remembrance Day Ceremony
in November. We read "An American Elegy" in a complete fog, we were so
overcome from what was happening. I could not return to that piece for
many weeks afterwards, and the impact it had on my students for the rest
of the year will be burned in my brain forever.

The world, one year later, is still with you all who are living under
this horrible shadow. Our Prime Minister in Canada may be foolish in his
open questioning of American foreign policy in the press, particularly
with regards to this war, but he by no means represents Canadians as a

Sorry to be off-topic.

Ed Dumas