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Re: Florida

> You and me both! Tom is off playing Bwana Clyde Batty or Heiko Blueher with
> his dipnets and rubber boots and I'm stuck in BORING, HOT and HUMID Tokyo
> working away on articles about cars for Toyota. I'd trade any day-even if it
> means being attacked by mosquitoes and hungry alligators!

Many would consider the backwoods of rural Florida more hot(92F),
humid(no,less than 90%) and much more boring than Tokyo:-) Some folks like
the more urban life.

I don't use rubber boots except for marsh mud flat sampling. I use traps to
catch fish, nets are fun but lots of work. I either get wet, canoe or swim.
I will say snorkeling here is the equivalent of freshwater reef
We have nice fish here, not as nice as reef fish, more turtles though, river
otters, Manatee(especially in the winter), gators- I suppose the FW sharks'
equivalent-both have been around for a long time, white sands and the plants
are the "corals". Of course Saltwater diving is 45 minutes from either the
Gulf coast or the Atlantic. So you can pick and choose.
Tom Barr