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Hi, folks,

Someone sent me a private email and he asked:

> Hi Loh, (not sure if that's your first name or last...)
> i know it's been a year since your posting, but I was wondering if you

> are still offering christmas moss and/or narrow leaf java fern for 
> people donating to the defense fund.  I've been looking for both 
> plants locally for some time with no success.  [Redacted]
> any way, but the plants make a nice addition.  If by chance you are 
> already inundated with requests, I understand.  Thanks.

How time flies.  

The answer is yes.  I have never turned down a request for the Christmas
moss or Narrow Leaf Java Ferns, not since I offered these plants in
exchange for donations to the defense fund more than a year ago.  I
still get the odd request every now and then from people who must have
stumbled across one of my posts in the archives.  

[Redacted]  For various reasons, I won't be growing
much moss anymore.  I stripped down my moss walls a few days ago.  All
the moss I have are now in 2 tubs.  I have already promised to give one
whole tub to a hobbyist friend in Singapore so there's only one tub left
for the defense fund.  But there should be enough moss there for 20
persons at least.

[Redacted]  Don't forget to include your mailing address.  If you have
never seen the moss or ferns before, please go to:


Loh K L

By the way, Loh is the family name.