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Re: KNO3

Hey gang,

Peter and Tracy Rule wrote:
>>Does anyone know a place I can buy potassium
nitrate, by itself, online?<<

I got 6oz for $1.87 from my local pharmacy. Just ask
the Pharmacist to order you some saltpetre (salt
peter). They should know what you are talking about
when you ask for Potassium Nitrate if you're hesitant
to ask for something that has such a ridiculous name;)

I'd bet the farm that there are larger containers at
an even more reasonable price per ounce. 6oz has
lasted my 60 gallons worth of tanks for for more than
a year and I still have about 1/2 of the original

I couldn't bring myself to get the 50 pound sack.
hehe. I know this doesn't answer your original
question, but it's another easy way to get KNO3. 

John Wheeler

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