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Re: The Great Quarantine Debate of 2002

> But Erika, once I have the tank set up nicely for fish, how
> on Earth do I resist the temptation to start stocking the
> tank and making it just another one of my planted fish
> tanks? ;-)  I mean, it will be sitting there with gravel
> and plants and lighting to keep the plants healthy, and so
> on . . .just begging me to to add at least one (more) nice
> looking fish.  I can buy the hardware, plants and fish, but
> where do I get that willpower stuff? 
> Scott H.

LOL!  It helps that my quarantine tank is small (10g) as befits my current 
situation.  I think the key is to buy your livestock at 2-month intervals, 
so that there's always a bunch of fish being rotated through quarantine.  
It's those in-between times, when nothing's being specifically quarantined, 
when the itch to stock the tank itself seems to arise! 

If it helps any, I'll share my quarantine tank mantra: "Don't put anything 
in there that you're not prepared to kill or throw away if there's an 

 - Erika