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Re: GE sunshine no shine - or - Use it and lose it?

Hopkins, Samuel said:
> In regards to replacing your flouresecent bulbs after 6
> months, I never did
> that until I had one fixture with a year old bulb and one
> fixture with a new
> bulb next to each other. Both bulbs were the same
> brand/make. I couldn't
> believe the difference in brightness. 

All fluorescents, even the long lasting PC bulbs, have a
sharp drop off in light output after the first 100-1,000
hours, mostly closer to the former value than the latter. 
So if you put in a brand new bulb, you will see that it is
much brighter than your other bulbs, even ones that are
only a couple of months old :-0   Don't replace your bulbs
for that reason -- don't be fooled by the initial
brilliance of fluorescent bulbs.  Or, send those terribly
dim 2-month old bulbs to me :-)  Or offer them to others on
APD -- or sell them and donate the proceeds to the defense
fund.  ;-)

Scott H.

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