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lighting ideas for Eclipse Explorer

I recently came into possession of an Explorer from Eclipse (Marineland) ...
it is a 2gal bow front acrylic with 'biowheel' power filter.

Not being one to accept things the way they come from the factory, I'd like
to see if I can get a little light on this tank, without modifying it

Has anyone tried to add lighting to such a tank, please share your stories,
comments, suggestions and cautions with me!

Two possibilities came to my mind.

6" cold cathode fluorescent, with external 12v ballast connected to 12v

    [commonly used in automotive decorative lighting, and PC case lighting]


4 to 7 watt PC (pl style) with some sort of external ballast.

     [commonly used in small desk lamps and wall scones]

I like the idea of the cold cathode lamps since they run very cool, but I
don't see white offered very often, and also wonder about the color temp and
spectra it produces.

The PC idea sounds good, but I'm worried about too much light, and how do
you drive the bulb ... surely GE's 432I would do it the trick, but it's
probably overkill!