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Re: The Great Quarantine Debate of 2002

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 03:44:05AM -0700, S. Hieber wrote:
> But Erika, once I have the tank set up nicely for fish, how
> on Earth do I resist the temptation to start stocking the
> tank and making it just another one of my planted fish
> tanks? ;-)

Ayup.  I *had* a nice little bare 5.5 gal q-tank.  Decided to get
a betta to keep the biofilter going...  Added some spare plant
cuttings from the main tank...  Added some spare flourite...  Put
on a better light to keep the plants healthy...  Added 2 ottos to
help with the resultant algae...  Added some MTS from my main
tank...  Started dosing Excel and TMG...


Don't let this happen to you.