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Rorippa aquatica

>Hello, A couple of months ago I mentioned that I had planted a 
>detached leaf from a Rorippa aquatic plant and that a stem plant 
>grew from the leaf instead of the normal rosette form.  Well, the 
>stem grew to about 2 inches above the gravel with leaves sprouting 
>from the stem in fairly wide intervals. Now the plant is finally 
>developing the rosette form 2 inches above the gravel.  I'm leaving it 
>alone until I see good roots come out of the base of the rosette 
>since I haven't had good luck keeping this plant alive 'til now.  Ray

I only see this stuff in the very early spring here. It looks like a decent
enough aquatic early on, then changed to a very leggy stem-like plant
growing completely out of the water. By June or July it's pretty much gone.

I'm surprsed you have some this time of the year.


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