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Pearling After a Water Change

>Richard Sexton wrote (aside, to Richard - how the heck are you Richard? Its
>been ages. Found any interesting local aquatic plants lately?):
>"...So I'm wondering why nobody has rigged up a "free CO2" thing by letting
>a water supply go into a 50' hose to pressureze then releasing it into the
>tank 1 - 4 times a day...."
>Could it have anyhting to do with the fact that, along with the CO2, a lot
>of N2 would get forced into the water by that method and might cause
>problems for the fish as it comes out of solution, along the line of "the
>bends" that divers face if they ignore decompression breaks following a deep

Maybe in theory, but in practive I've never seen anything even look
uncomfortable. Frequent small water changed probably help.

Somebpdy (with a test kit) should take some readings.


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