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Long Internodes

I have notyiced that many of the fine-leaved plants in my tank - the purple 
cabomba, foxtail, and ambulia - do not look like the beautiful pictues in 
the Tepoot book. His are compact, lush, and bushy. Mine are growing quickly 
and are brightly colored, but the internodes are very long, so the plants 
are not very good looking.

The plant is 72 gallons, GH=KH=4, pH 6.6-6.8, 220W AH supply, compressed gas 
CO2. I add Flourish, Flourish Iron, Flourish Nitrogen, Flourish Phosphate, 
and K2SO4 as nutrients, and baking soda and Seachem Equilibrium to manage 
the KH and GH.

Is there too much light? Not enough light? Too much of a particular 
nutrient, or several? Too little? What makes my plants so long & straggly? I 
myself am short and wide, so this long thin thing is confusing to me.

I can post a picture, if that would help.


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