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My Tank

Hi All, 
 I just set up a website with some pics of my tank.
The tank has only been set up for three weeks and only
had plants for a week (except for the swords).

You can check it out at:
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/jrbruin";>Jason's
Planted Tank</A>

Hope that link works, I've never tried to use html on
this list.

My favorite things on the page are my reactor and the
ludwigia repens.
It's amazing how much that plant changed in a week.
There are huge runners reaching down from the plant, 
some of them are over 3 inches and weren't there last 
weekend when I planted it.  What happens when they
reach the substrate? (Do they become roots?)

On a side note:
I posted about two weeks ago about a mystery KH drop
that I was having on the new setup.  I used three bags
of Schultz's Aquatic plant soil in a 40 Gal tank and 
noticed that my KH was dropping at least a point
I tested everything in the tank (rocks, driftwood,
etc) and couldn't reproduce the drop outside the tank.
It has since stabilized so my guess is that there was
some acid source in one or more bags on the Schultz 
that ran its course and has dissipated. 
Thanks to those who responded with suggestions, sorry
I'm not able to be more helpful by letting you know
what the actual problem was.

Well, that's it for now.. My tank is small time now,
but when I get it filled in with plants (and the algae
under control) it will be nice (I hope).
I'd love to see some pics of other tanks if anybody
wants to share.

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